Two Spirits Survival


TwoSpirits Survival

TwoSpirits Survival


Thetopic tries to elaborate the way in which the (two spirits) genderleads its life, particularly the social life, covering the challengesthey face each day of their lives.

Supernumerarygender is composed of various types of genders. Such include theother types besides the widely known gender of male and female. Thesegenders find their own way of surviving in their societies (Crapo,1996). For the sake of this discussion, the gender in consideration is the(two spirits) gender. (Two spirits)isa term that has been used in the American society to mean people of acertain spirit such as gays, lesbians, bisexuals and others. Theirway of surviving is faced with various issues, most of them beingchallenges.

TheTwo Spirits gender integrated into their cultures by providing analternative solution to people who had been suffering in silence. Inmost cases, individuals felt uncomfortable of their gender roles andcould do nothing about it. The two spirits gender provided a platformfor people to express their diversity and lead lives in ways thatgave them happiness and satisfaction.

Thesegenders served a purpose of reassigning roles, in most casesindividuals who felt they could not perform certain roles had analternative of finding someone else to play their roles on theirbehalf such as siring children. The Two Spirits gender, therefore,prevented conflicts and backlash to people who were seen to beevading their natural gender roles (Crapo,1996).

Governmentefforts, schools, missionaries and emergence of diseases has had animpact on the existence of these genders in the modern society. TwoSpirit roles are under condemnation, interference, and violence.These efforts have led to the disappearance of two spirits traditionsamong most tribes.


Today,Two Spirits traditions exist due to legislation aimed at providingdiversity for all. LGBT rights groups are fighting hard for therecognition of these people in the society.


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