United States and Arizona Constitution Comparison


UnitedStates and Arizona Constitution Comparison

TheUnited Statesand Arizona Constitution Comparison

Inany nation or state,the government has to set system of laws or beliefs which areconfiguredto govern it at large. It being legal itisdrafted to an original document for the purpose of future referenceincaseof any need. It entails certain powers and rules of the government toexcise them as well guarantee individual rights too(Legal Definition of the term Constitution, 2016).

Similarityof US and Arizona Constitution

Basingon US Constitutionand Arizona lawboth have a similar and different structure.United States Constitutionmajorly isfederallegislation. TheUS constitution has centralizedcode,which applies to all States and the citizens ofthe nation. In Arizona, the constitution entails lawthat affects only individuals living in the State. Moreover, visitorswho are within the country boundary are also entitled to theArizona’s law.Usually,citizens living outside the State but hold citizenship in Arizona arealso entitled to thatconstitution. Therefore, United States Constitutioncovers all its Statesunlikethe Arizona State which acts as an individual nation. TheCongress represents the state government of the United Statesconsisting of the senate and house of representatives.On the otherhand, bicameral legislature represents Arizona as a state, composedof Senate and Arizona House of Representatives (Compare Arizona stategovernment and Federal government, 2015).

Differencesof US and Arizona Constitution

Incontrast, there are some rights which are both exercised in theUnitedstate and Arizona constitution. Right to privacy whereby in both lawan individual is protected from illegalsearches without a warrant,disturbed in his personal dealings without the authority of act.Right to self-incrimination here the bill states that no citizenshall be subjected to any criminalcase to provide evidence or get prosecuted with no due procedure. Thelatter clause is evident in the United Statescase, where James Madison introduced twelve amendments in the Billsof rights Congress(The Constitution, 2012). Lastly, both the United States and Arizonaconstitution have three arms of government. The branches includelegislature, executive, and judiciary.


Insummary, the two bills of the US and the Arizona have variationsthough most parts are alike. They have similar clauses that appliesto different states at various instances. All in all they both servethe real purpose of a constitution.


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