Urban Leviathans 10 Points Presentation Paper

UrbanLeviathans 10 Points Presentation Paper

Urbantransport is a critical issue for major cities across the globe. Theeffects of urban transport to the environment and accessibility ofpedestrians need thorough attention. Urban transport in India as arapidly worsening scenario will receive summary for the ten keypoints illustrated by Madhav Badami in the economic and politicalweekly article.

Changesin the transport industry

Thearticle outlines the changes that have taken place in the Indiantransport sector. For instance, increased number of vehicles, loss ofpedestrian footpaths and other problems related to the modernizationof the transport system. Most of these changes orient towards thenegative side, thus calling for a means of mitigation (Badami 183).

Growthin Vehicle Ownership

Theauthor acknowledges that the number of people owning vehicles inIndia has increased over the years. Moreover, activities associatedwith vehicles have also risen. The increase in this situation is as aresult of the high population in India. Additionally, the increase indemand in the transport sector is one of the contributing factorsleading to increased ownership of automobiles.

Effectsof high rates if vehicle ownership

Theincrease in the number of people owning vehicles has resulted inserious social, economic and health impact. By relating pollution andcrowding to the health and social impacts, the effects that vehicleshave on the environment are evident. Positive impacts like jobopportunities are some of the impacts brought by increased number ofvehicles (Badami 184).


Thechanges experienced in the transport sector have demanded thatexisting systems and policies get revisited. Therefore, the settingup of new policies is the way forward in solving problems associatedwith the increase in car ownership (Badami 183).

Reconstructionof infrastructure

Theincrease in the number of vehicles has led to the reconsideration ofexisting means of transport. Setting up of new roads that favor theincreased number of vehicles is one of the solutions aimed at solvingproblems brought about by vehicles. By doing so, the road capacitywill increase leading to a more efficient means of road transport.

Lossof pedestrian accessibility

Pedestriansare part of the transport sector and should not get overlooked. Theauthor brings up the fact the increase in the number of vehicles hasresulted in the loss of sidewalks that used to exist on major roads.The scenario poses a danger to the lives of pedestrians because therisk of accidents is very high especially for the aging population,children and the disabled.

Improvingthe existing conditions

Theloss of pedestrian activity and congestion experienced in roads hasresulted in the need to improve the existing status so as to create amore efficient and working transport system. Improvement only focuseson how to upgrade the roads to contain the swelling human and vehiclepopulation (Badami 185).


Barriersexist in every environment and are setbacks to the smooth functioningof activities. In spite of the existence of other controls in place,overcoming barriers like the pedestrian problem is a temporarysolution to the existing problems as ways to mitigate them getdesigned.

Reducingvehicle dominance

Notionsexist that vehicles are solutions to the transport problem becausethey offer efficiency and faster means of transport. The authorbelieves that raising concerns and awareness of the limitationsbrought about by vehicle transport is the way of reducing dominancein urban areas around India (Badami 187).


Thetransport industry has grown with speed. Unfortunately,infrastructure remains the same. Therefore, the author acknowledgesthat by increasing reliability, there are high chances of improvingthe transport conditions. The process is achievable through ensuringmore connections get established in the road industry. Moreover,affordability and convenience should receive emphasis when increasingreliability.

Insummary, the above subheadings discuss the ten major issues outlinedin the article. The author discusses the ten issues to unmask theissues affecting transport in India and the remedies that could getimplemented.


Badami,Madhav G. &quotUrban transport policy as if people and theenvironment mattered: pedestrian accessibility the firststep.&quot&nbspEconomicand Political Weekly&nbsp(2009):182-187. Print.