Using the vocabulary strategies

Usingthe vocabulary strategies

Learningvocabulary is a paramount aspect of learning a language. A studentcan comprehend what he or she hears and speaks by learning morewords. In my opinion, I believe the use of a dictionary is the bestand appropriate strategy to use in learning new vocabulary. Theessay elucidates on the use of the dictionary as the best strategy touse in learning new vocabulary.


Thereare various ways that students can use to learn new vocabulary suchas morphemic and contextual analysis however, the dictionaryprovides different facets of English words that are essential in thelearning process[CITATION Roe12 p 216 l 1033 ].For instance, it provides the spelling, pronunciation, how it isinflected, how it collocates, and its appropriate context, amongother grammar details[CITATION Wil13 p 97 l 1033 ].As a teacher, I prefer clear instructions of vocabulary to ensurestudents adequately comprehend a particular definition. The use ofdictionary brings out explicit information about English words andthus suitable as a learning strategy[CITATION Vad12 p 45 l 1033 ].Moreover, the richness of a dictionary provides factual context andtexts that bolster learning experience. Rich and stout dictionaryinstructions go beyond the simple definition of words.It engages and provides students with diverse meanings and thecorrelation between words. Besides, it teaches students aboutmultiple meanings of a single word and the significance of choosingthe suitable and compatible definition in a particular context.


Theuse of dictionary has positively affected vocabulary learning andimproved language among students. However, there are many Englishwords that students come across every day and cannot possibly takein all at once[CITATION Hua13 p 3 l 1033 ].Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the knowledge ofvocabulary is a continuous process that spans over the course of alifetime.


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