Value of perception

Valueof perception

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  1. What do you think Rory Sutherland means by &quotintangible value?&quot&nbsp

Accordingto Rory, the intangible value indicates the value that one thinks aproduct is worth because of how people perceive the item (Sutherland,2009).

  1. What is one example of a &quotproblem of reality&quot and one of a &quotproblem of perception?&quot&nbsp

Aproblem of reality is a bus ride from point A to B is longer than aflight.

Aproblem of perception is the middle-class people think the life ofthe rich people is better

Whatis the point of Sutherland`s story about how a king &quotre-brandedthe potato?&quot&nbsp

Thepoint is that encouraging people to do something of their accordworks much better. People will also do something because they have aperception that it will help them.

  1. Why is Sutherland such a fan of placebos?&nbsp

Heis a great fan of placeboes because they can solve the world’sproblems (Sutherland, 2009). Placeboes act by changing the personmentally rather than physically.

  1. Explain what Sutherland means by &quotcontextual communication.&quot&nbsp

Heimplies that circumstances surrounding a message or a product areaffected by the setting and the value that people place on the item.

  1. Pick one of the following quotes to explain:&nbsp&quotPersuasion is often better than compulsion.&quot&nbsp

Thequote above tries to inform the listener that encouraging some to dosomething out of their accord is usually better than trying forcethem. King of Prussia used this technique when he encouraged hissubjects to eat potatoes rather than forcing them to eat.

  1. What is the point of Sutherland`s discussion of the Shreddies` advertisements?

Accordingto Sutherland, a familiar product that people consider boring do nothave to be returned to the company and redesigned from scratch.Instead, one should look for unique attributes relating to the itemand emphasize on them. This will influence the public’s perceptionthus making the item popular.


OldCoca cola poster from the World War Two period

Comparisonof Coca-Cola advertisement

Therehave been significant shifts in the way the company has been carryingtheir advertisement.

Unlikebefore, they have now using celebrities from all over the world andnot the whites alone because their products are sold globally. Thecurrent poster reveals a culture of freedom, sex, and fun which ismore appealing to the youth.


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