Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Verbaland Nonverbal Communication

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Aprivate talk is a dialogue that is intended for a specific group ofpeople with a common idea, and it is usually secretive. A public talkis a conversation that involves anyone surrounding the environment ofcommunication. The common difference is that men are known to besecretive to private talks whereas women are known for the inabilityto be secretive. For example in a family, women mostly expose theirsecrets, unlike men.


Someof the rules of communication include

1There should be no exaggeration

2.There should be no use of negative labels

Exaggerationis when a speaker is passing information while using a dishonest anduntruthful language. For example saying that a person was running atfifty kilometers per hour is unrealistic. Use of negative labels iswhen the speaker gives an undesirable trait to someone in his or herspeech. For example when one says that boy is stupid.


Kinesicsis a nonverbal communication whereby information is passed by movinga part or the whole body. Examples include

1.Regulators. These help during a conversation as they maintain theflow of speech for example head nodding shows that the audience isfollowing what is being communicated.

2.Illustrators. They are repeatedly used to put reinforcement on whatis being talked about. For example using a finger to point at what isbeing referred to.


Thefirst difference is that verbal communication is giving informationby word either written or oral whereas nonverbal communication is thepassing of information by the use of either eye contact, bodymovements or even through gestures (Surbhi, 2015). For example whengiving out a speech an individual uses both verbal and nonverbalcommunication.

Anotherdifference is that verbal communication is mostly conscious since itis rehearsed whereas nonverbal is usually unplanned. For example whenwriting a letter, it is well planned as compared to expressingemotions.


Themajor common misunderstanding between men and women include



Anewly married couple may experience a major misunderstanding, forexample, communication. This happens when the two parties fail toagree on developmental issues, similarly when there is poorcommunication.

Financesbecome another misunderstanding between men and women due to poorbudgeting in a family. This may arise when one party becomesextravagant. For example, an individual may decide to buy a carwithout paying school fees for the children.


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