Video Case Study on Environmental Protection

VideoCase Study on Environmental Protection

VideoCase Study on Environmental Protection

Therehave been many controversies over the issue of climate changeespecially the problem of global warming. It has been scientificallyproven that global warming has adverse effects on the environmentwhich are likely to increase in future(Pearson, n.d.).However, little measures have been taken to combat it due to the lackof proper policies from the government. Besides, different scientificresearch organizations present contradicting information on the levelof damage that is it causes thus creating uncertainty. There is theneed for law reforms to create a central body to collect and analyzedata and facts on climate change from different researchinstitutions. This will help generate a consistent report on thestate of environmental protection hence eliminating theuncertainties.

Thereare many stakeholders in the management of global warming, and theyinclude, the government, scientists, media, and the public(Pearson, n.d.).The interest of the government is to develop mitigation strategiesfor the purpose of environmental protection. Scientists are involvedin research to determine the causes of the global warming and devisepossible measures that can be used to solve the problem, on the otherhand, the media create awareness on climate change to the publicwhose interest is to live in a safe environment.

Eventhough both the federal government and the state government aretasked with the implementation of the environmental laws. Theregulations enacted by the state are supposed to conform to the lawscreated by federal government and any changes made should be effectedat the state level. In the event the Environmental Protection Agencychanges the regulation standards on environment, the state governmentis expected to embrace the changes and implement them accordingly.

Itis a responsibility of every individual to participate inenvironmental protection since it affects us directly. We cansignificantly minimize the effect of global warming and preventclimate change which detrimental to humanity when there iscooperation among the stakeholders.


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