Vision, Hearing and Sensory



Vision,Hearing and Sensory

ProposedCauses of Autism

There are no exact proposed causes of autism. Research shows thatautism is caused by a number of mutations and very rare gene changes(, 2016). On the basis of this findings, it can bestated that the condition is caused by a combination of both autismreflected genes and external factors largely influenced by theenvironment and the surrounding development of the brain. Some of theproposed external factors include advanced conception time for bothparents and difficulties that may occur during childbirth which inthis instance is brought about by the lack of oxygen and maternalillness (, 2016).

Howto Prevent Social Isolation of People with Hearing Loss

A prolific approach to preventing social isolation of people withhearing loss is by encouraging them to undertake tasks that aresimilar to individuals without hearing problems. This is broughtabout by providing equal opportunities. An increase in economicwell-being would be the benchmark for this to happen(, 2016).

Childrenborn with hearing loss should be taught to incorporate new anddifferent methods of communication, a good example being thedevelopment of speech skills. This will in turn help them communicateappropriately with their peers and hence increasing their level ofintelligence and social being (, 2016).

Another way of preventing social isolation is the provision ofequipment and know how aimed at improving or reversing the loss ofhearing. This tactic is implemented by providing proper medicare tothose already afflicted. Furthermore, early diagnosis of the problemand treatment to prevent advancement of this disorder should beimplemented. This initiative should also include donation of hearingaid for example implants which increase the chances of hearing of theaffected individual (, 2016).

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