Vision Statement and Action Plan

VisionStatement and Action Plan


Itis indubitably clear that the demand for carbonated drinks in PepsiCoMultinational Corporation is experiencing a sporadic decline as aresult of the nutritional selection (Pinson,2014).In this regard, the company seeks to produce non-carbonated drinks.The vision statement of PepsiCo is to provide the best financialperformance during the long term through the integration ofsustainability in the business strategy thus leaving a remarkableimprint on both the environment and the society.

Thebusiness model developed integrates with the vision of theorganization. Typically, this is because the company aims at offeringthe top financial performance (Pinson,2014).Reasonably, a company cannot achieve financial performance if thedemand of its products decreases. Given the fact that some consumerswithin the customer segment do not purchase carbonated drinks, theproduction of non-carbonated drinks as per the developed model willattract more customers. For this reason, the revenues of the companywill increase as a result of higher demand. This means that thefinancial performance will grow.

Oneof the values of the company is to sustain growth. According toPepsiCo, the present actions determine the future of an organization.The business model, therefore, fits with this value. Essentially, thegrowth of a company is sustained if it increases its competitiveadvantages through the production of products that satisfy the needsof the customers (Bailey,2014).As such, production of products which are carbon-free will satisfycustomers who desire them because of nutritional issues.

Commitmentis also another value of the organization. Through this standard, thecompany tries to understand its consumers, the society, and itscustomers. Precisely, it cares for its customers. Owing to thebusiness model, it is evident that it fits this value. By providingnon-carbonated drinks, it is vivid that the company will demonstratean exquisite care for its customers.


Essentialquestions concerning the potential customer segment

Howfrequently do you use non-carbonated drinks?

Whichtaste of non-carbonated drinks do you prefer?

Whatfactors influences your decision to buy the product?

Wheredo you basically purchase the drinks?

Whatdo you think can be done to improve the quality of the drinks?

Atwhat price do you normally purchase the drinks?

Meansof obtaining answers

Inorder to get answers, I will use two basic methods. In the firstcase, I will use questionnaires. The targeted customers will berequired to respond to the questions through writing the answers onthe questionnaires. Moreover, interviews will be used in whichcustomers will be interviewed on a personal level.


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