W483-Chinese Movie Assembly

W483-ChineseMovie: Assembly

Introductionand Summary

‘Assembly’is a Chinese film which was produced in 2007 and directed by thelegendary Xiaong Gang Feng. Liu Heng wrote, and its stars were ZhangHanyu, Deng Chao, Yuan Wenkang, Tang Yan, and many other renownedChinese actors. The Assembly was the winner of Hundred FlowersAwards, in 2008, and the Best Film winner at the Golden RoosterAwards in 2009.

Thestory of the movie is captured from the Chinese Civil War which wasat its peak around 1948. It was one of the worst wars that China hasever had. It pitted the Communist’s People`s Liberation Army (PLA)against the Nationalist Army (KMT). One of the military leaders ofthe People`s Liberation Army (PLA), Captain GU Zaidi, was tasked withthe role of leading the 9th Company, which was supposed to go andattack the enemies.

‘Assembly’is a performed warfare film that has been a merited victory China.Actor GU Zidi, a courageous leader of peasant stock who staged warfor the communist military towards the Japanese attackers and thenationalists from 1939. He is the lone survivor of an adjourning deedthat rescues the entire troop in the concluding time of the Civil Warin 1948.

Whenhis deceased mates receive no appreciation for their contribution, headvocates for them to be given a memorial (1:23:01). Consequently, hecontinued to be in the army and acquired serious injury two times atthat point he was a member the North Korean troop in 1952.Ironically, the two times he is clothed with the opponent`s attire.It is a movie that shuns triumphalism and the usual loyal rhetoric.Its theme is companionship, respect for all people and the pursuit offairness and historical certainty.

Backgroundof the movie

Thefilm, ‘Assembly,’ details the repercussions and impacts of theChinese Civil War in the mid-20th century. China has been known tohave one of the fiercest civil wars in the history of humankind.Given the military strength and might of the opponents in thisChinese Civil War was, people witnessed unprecedented bloodshed. Thewar was fought by those who were on the side of People`s LiberationArmy (PLA) against those on the side of Nationalist Army (KMT). Atroupe leader of the People`s Liberation Army (PLA), Captain Gu Zidiof the 9th Company, was tasked with the responsibility of leading agroup of soldiers against the Nationalist Army (KMT) soldiers. The9th Company was to attack a town that was under the control ofNational Revolutionary Army (NRA) and capture it.

‘Assembly’is announced to departure and reform. It is announced that Gu Zidiand his troupe are keenly following as they try to accomplish theirmission in an ill-equipped way, plotting fort on a tactical plan.Dedicated to the battle zone for warfare, Captain Gu Zidi and histroupe, while being the finest at guerilla war, get themselvesdeficient of basics such as workforce, bullets, and massive arms, asthey face the looting militaries of the Nationalist army, with theircomparatively greater armor. However, their refrain is thetraditional one, just announce will gesture their fall after andanything else implies achieving their operation aims at all costs.


Thefilm, ‘assembly,` can be divided into two sections. Captain Gu Zidiled an active army and demonstrated bravery in the face of danger.Indeed, they fought a protracted battle, and in the long run, theywon. However, the fight left Captain Gu Zidi`s men worn out. Therewere numerous deaths, many injuries, and depleted weaponry. Thatalone was enough to make the military company feel downcast. Theopening hour is an absolute bloody warfare film. The progression israther rapid and forceful. It raises the notion that the opening hourshould be extended to make the whole movie because it is possible.However, warfare film fans will relish this section.

Thesecond section changes drastically, and it becomes an old war movie.It is relaxed uninteresting for the fans of war movies, but theinscription is what makes this part as worthy as it is. The leadingactor achievements for Gu Zidi at the start are plenty to make anindividual follow him as the time goes, which finally results to anexpressive and significant assumption.

Theaction parts in the opening half are fanciful. They are war torn, asthey are supposed to be, and they are represented in gangs. However,Hanyu Zhang, the video director, the role cannot be well definedthrough this film, that is, his character and success cannot begauged using this film only. On the other hand, he played his roleperfectly to produce such an entertaining movie. Assembly makes onethinks it’s a war movie from the start, but it changes drastically.The introductory part is so fun while the other part is somewhatannoying.

Overallmeaning of the film

‘Assembly’advocates for the touch of the unit and their accounts of courage andsteady under insuperable chances. If an individual is searching for awarfare movie, the assembly is the movie to watch. It outshinesothers by having four forceful fights three are a defensiveorganization of war, and the last is an attack. However, it doesappear more to be on the losing side rather than attaining a vibrant,conclusive success. If someone is finding facts, then the chances arethat they are right with the original bolt armament, primevalweaponry and the division of tin hats. One is left conjecturinginstead that the PLA at that moment was regressive, given theinternational military, scientific development in the West/Japan inthe 1940s.

‘Assembly’appears like several movies combined, in giving both a fullappearance at the wars involved fought and taking time off toconcentrate on more thoughtful matters in a professional manner. Inthe second and last scenes which are the concluding, Captain Gu Zidimakes an effort to his level best to make his team honored theireffort, regardless of how minute it might appear compared to thehelicopter opinion of attainments (1:41:23). These actions might borethose who were pleased with the introductory scene of the movie, butfor those seeking more closely in the film as a personal war, a manfighting for his comrades, then the turn of events are pleasing.

Finally,‘Assembly’ is an aspiring movie. It incorporates theater and warin both phases. It does not hesitate in giving the best out of it.The artist Zhang Hanyu, who performs Captain Gu Zidi, is to bepraised for his effort. It can be seen as a one-man performance,focusing on his position in history and his personal contribution tofighting against the structure. After watching assembly chances arean individual will be enticed to watch more movies from China, ifthey attain standard, provided by Feng Xiaogang.


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