Wall Street Movie

WallStreet Movie

WallStreet Movie

TheWall Street is an American film produced in around 1987. Its maintheme depicted the rot in the financial sector of the society at thattime. The movie shows the story of a young man who was well in hisearly stages of his professional life until the unfortunate incidenthappened to him. Due to his greed of attaining high success in shortperiod fast, he met with a tycoon who made him end up losing so muchin life including potentially going to jail. In the movie, we see BudFox being manipulated and used by Gordon Gekko for Gordon to attainhis own interests. Even if Fox ended up very rich, he would be avillain to his own people. He got into business deals with Gordon,which unknown to him were shady. It even gets to a sad note where Foxcould not even listen to his father`s advice all due to the love ofmoney.

ThoughBud Fox eventually learns his mistake, this comes a bit too late ashe almost landed in jail at a very young age and at a time when hiscareer ought to be flourishing. While this story has several themesthat revolve around it, we are particularly interested in how thevarious characters communicated to each other and the effect of thecommunication to the development of the story and the culmination ofevents.

Communicationis a very fundamental part of the human being. Communication isusually so broad in the sense that people need not communicate forthe sake of passing a message but they should understand the mannerin which the message is passed and the effect it is expected to haveon the recipient, for they are essential aspects of communication.Just like in any other aspect of the human being`s life, ethicalissues are very important part of communication. Efficientcommunication is the one, which observes ethics, and does not leaveany of the person involved feeling hurt. In the film Wall Street, themanner in which the various characters communicate to each other issomehow a determinant of how things unfold.

Someethical values of human communication are highlighted in the film ashaving been observed or otherwise. One of the ethical values ofcommunication is etiquette. This can be observed largely in theJackson Steinem Company through the manner in which the stockbrokersaddress their clients on the phone. For instance, when Bud is stillstruggling to have some access to Gordon`s company, he addressesGordon as ‘sir’ on the phone and this goes a long way, whichindicates professional difference and respect between the two.Another ethical value of human communication is respect. Respect incommunication normally goes hand in hand with etiquette because itdepicts the manner in which we talk to people of different age andlevels in the society.

Inthe film, this value is seen to be more neglected than observed. Thisis evident from the scene where a confrontation between Bud and hisfather emerges. It is quite clear that Bud has no slightest aorta ofrespect for his father because of the words that he harshly throwsand the manner in which he responds to him. This is quite anunfortunate scene because it shows the level in which respect for theolder people has declined among many people of the currentgeneration. Even after Bud disagrees with his father and confrontshim with tough words, he does not feel remorseful about it, and it isonly after he realizes that his father was right that he goes back toapologize.

HowBud Fox applied principles of ethical reasoning

Itis quite clear that this film majorly revolves around one characterknown as Bud Fox. As had been cited at the beginning of this paper,he makes a major mistake by joining a man who conducts his businessin a manner unknown to Fox and made him end up in some form of ajungle all alone without knowing what to do (Dean, 2014). The mostimportant thing, however, is the fact that he realized his mistakes,though too late, and committed himself to rectifying those mistakes.

WhenBud realized that he had gotten himself into trouble by engaging inGordon`s illegal businesses, he got remorseful and took it uponhimself to clear his own bad deeds. The act makes the reader view himmore of a hero than a villain at the end of the film despite the factthat he is a potential convict. Bud clearly shows that though he hadambitions of getting rich and very successful in life, it was notwithin his plans to do this at the expense of other people`s livesand careers. Bud at the beginning held Gordon with very high regardand saw him as his mentor, but the moment he realized what kind ofbusinessman the Gordon was, he no longer wanted to be associated withhim despite the benefits he would have enjoyed (Dean, 2014). Hisconviction to do things the right way is also clearly seen when hetakes a tough decision to leave his lover because she was not willingto go against Gordon. This clearly shows that Bud was an ethical andprincipled man who was only ambitious in life. The fact that Budrealizes his mistake of failing to listen to his father and actuallyconfronting him harshly and taking the bold step to go and apologizeto his father shows that Bud is an ethical man. There is no doubtthat Bud ends this film as a hero to many viewers, although somewould prefer that Bud be not sent to jail.


Dialecticaltension refers to the differences that people sharing a certain typeof relationship may find themselves having. It is more of a conflictof interest between people concerning a certain issue. In the film,this tension is quite visible more so between Bud and his father.While they seem to be getting along so well, one cannot fail tonotice that Carl has his reservations towards his son`s way of doingthings and choice of career. In a certain conversation between thetwo at a pub, Carl throws a jibe towards his son about the way heseems to be struggling in life attributing it to the career his sonchose. Bud is quick to defend himself and maintained that he knewwhat he was doing and that he would eventually make it in life.

Anotherinstance where Carl and Bud have a conflict is during the sale of theAirline. Carl stood his ground and insisted that he and the wholeunion of workers were not in support of the supposed sale of theairline to Gordon. This does not go down well with Bud who thinks thefather has other interests and that his views and comments were notgenuine. Bud`s decision to work with Gordon in the sale of Blue StarAirlines was also not popular with the other employees of the airlinethough they eventually reconciled.


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