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Presently,a significant number of consumers have access to the internet throughtheir mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Consequently, variouscompanies have started solidifying their web presence to promotetheir brands and increase sales. Web sites have grown to become oneof the strongest marketing tools to tap into the benefits broughtabout by an online presence (Lantz, 2009). Aside from acting as alive communication tool with customers, websites serve many functionssuch as being a branding tool, enhancing a company’s image,educating about business, and selling products and services (Gurău &ampDuquesnois, 2011). To make a website an effective marketing tool, weneed to consider some design features. In this exposition, I am goingto evaluate the Clorox Company website to determine how effective itis as a marketing tool. Some of the standards by which I will judgethe site include the language use, content, layout, color choices,images, background and the graphics.

Oneof the best practices for website design includes a good firstimpression and gut instinct. It is essential that the audience cantell at first glance what the site is all about. The user should beable to find where they need to go quickly from the homepage. Colorsthat work at the first glance and a homepage that fits on the screencharacterize an excellent website (O`Brien, Butler, &amp Kerr,2011). By just looking at the site under evaluation, the audience cantell its objectives precisely. This case is a significant strength onthe web developers` part. The company deals in products that have ameaningful impact on consumers’ everyday lives. The firstimpression of the website is an appealing one and could be a sure wayto attract readers or customers.

Concerningthe background, contrast, and fonts, the Clorox Company websitescores well. It is worthy to note that eyes and monitors vary wildly,so web designers need to keep their core copy contrast high exactlywhat Clorox Company did. They set their web page on a plain whitebackground contrasted with dark fonts on the regions that do not haveimages, which is easy to the eye and adds visual interest andlegibility. The fonts are consistent throughout the entire page, andpoint size varies appropriately for headings and text. The images onthe page are crisp clear and relevant to the core business of Clorox.The colored images are contrasted with white fonts to allow forreadability. These traits appeal to me and would to any customer thataccesses the site.

Agood site should have the correct blend of content and images (Gurău&amp Duquesnois, 2011). Images on any written material play asignificant role in appealing to readers. This particular website hasa dense home page with pictures used to imply a welcoming feel. Thefive images used have a more human touch and appeal to the visitor’seyes. Appropriate pictures help to stress in the written text. Infact, one of the images portray the products which the company deals.The site`s logo is on the top left portion of the page which is astrategic location. The website has an attractive, usable layout andis properly balanced as there is no much whitespace on any side. Thedesigner ensured enough text content and images.

Asthe world economy keeps growing, it is becoming harder to designwebsites that cut across all cultures (O`Brien, Butler, &amp Kerr,2011). Designers must, therefore, ensure they do not use symbols,conventions, and languages that conflict those of any given culture.The Clorox Company website has chosen the appropriate language toaddress its international audience. It contains no symbols orlanguage that could be offensive to any culture. Function andusability are yet another website design criterion. Web designersshould think about the various users and what they would be seeking.It is always a good practice that users find whatever they aresearching for in two clicks. The users should be able to return tothe homepage from any part of the site. This website has an internalsearch function and navigational links to assist the user.

Inconclusion, the Clorox Company website scores highly because itsdesigners employed the best practices in developing it. Theyappropriately used the background, contrast, fonts, and images. It isalso worthwhile to note that the language and symbols used do notconflict with any cultural group. A good first impression is crucialin the design of every website, and the developers should, therefore,pay attention to that. In overall, this site is a robust marketingtool that taps into the benefits of an online presence.


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Below 70% C


70-80% B


90-100% A

1. The website analyzed is for one of the given companies: KraftHeinz Company, Unilever, and Clorox. Weight: 10%

The website used a different website from the ones given in the instructions.

The website used is related to the given companies but are not used for marketing.

The website used are the ones given in the instructions.

2. Review one of the websites and write a two-page paper on its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Weight: 20%

There is no submission or the or the analysis created is incomplete. The paper is shorter than two pages, and the marketing tools are not identified.

Partially recognized the marketing tool and created an incomplete analysis. Only a few aspects of the website and the company strategy are highlighted.

A thorough analysis of the marketing tools is provided. The tools are clearly identified and explained in the paper.

3. Include the things that work well and the things that can be done better.

Weight: 20%

The strengths and weaknesses of the strategy are not identified or are not complete.

Partially identified the good and bad parts of the marketing strategy of the company.

Thoroughly identified the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing strategy and provided a rationale.

4. What standard are you using to make your evaluation?

Weight: 20%


There is no standard used to make the evaluation of the effectiveness of the marketing used on the website.

The standard for the evaluation of the is not standard and credible.

A reliable and standard for evaluation are used.

5. Clarity

Weight: 10%


The assignment is incomplete and does not address any of the requirements, or the explanation is not clear.

All questions are attempted, but the answer given is unclear. The work is disorganized.

Explanations to each question are very clear and organized.

6. Writing – Sentence Structure Grammar, spelling, paragraph structure, APA format.

Weight: 20%

Incomplete assignment or several mistakes, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, paragraph structure, or APA usage.

The assignment is complete but with moderate errors of grammar, paragraph structure, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation.

No errors present in the paper. Correct use of APA style.

Appendix:Assessment Rubric