Week 3 Mini

Week3 Mini

Beinga woman in leadership is not the smoothest path to take and beingblack does not help either. There are very many stereotypessurrounding it. It is a world dominated by men and to survive in ita woman must work twice as hard to prove herself. A black woman mustwork thrice as hard. As the Executive Director of Jewel Home, I havehad to develop skills to cater adequately for every group housedhere. Jewel Home is a non-profit organization that cares for homelesspeople, especially children and the old, people living with HIV/AIDS,those without proper mental health as well as recovering victims ofsubstance abuse.


JewelHome is a Christian organization founded and based almost entirely onchurch and biblical teachings. The primary scriptural teaching that Iapply at all the time in all my endeavors is always to do everythingwith all my heart as though I am working for the Lord and not for man(Colossians 3:23, n.d.). If your heart is not in it then you are inthe wrong job, and if you are not working with all your heart, youare sinning (Warren92). My organization is a non-profit therefore,my only motivation is creating a society where the less fortunate andthose looked down upon feel happier and better about themselves. Thesatisfaction that comes with that is priceless, and the only approvalI need is that of the Lord. I completely love what I do, and as muchas it is service to humanity, I do it to worship God.

Strongestareas of leadership

Theysay that women have a sixth sense. Maybe that explains why I havesuch a keen perception of life, everything and everyone around me. Iam quite elderly, fifty-three years of age, and experienced.Moreover, in an organization like this, it is essential because ofthe many people I have to interact with, from all the groups livingat home to donors and well-wishers and sometimes the media. Also, Ihave, over the years, developed a personal touch with thebeneficiaries of my organization. I am a present leader. As much as Idelegate most of the duties, I am usually there to understand andgrow with every one of them. They develop faster and recover betterwhen they feel that someone cares for them and feels their pain. Ithas brought us closer such that we live like a family, something thathas made running the institution quite simple.

AreasI need to grow

Iconsider myself a competent leader, but I cannot be without weakness.Some areas need to be worked on to bring out the best service to ourbeneficiaries. Risk-taking is one of those areas. When it has to dowith people`s lives, it is quite difficult to take risks for fear ofharming them. However, as a leader, I need to be in a position toassess those worth taking. It would be unfortunate to miss on anexcellent opportunity to improve their lives due to fear of risk.Another area I should look into is self-assessment. Effectiveleaders, once in a while, ought to sit with themselves, away fromeverything else, and evaluate themselves (The University of NotreDame, Mendoza College of Business201). I should occasionally askmyself if I am achieving what I envisioned and if not, I must findsolutions.

Plansto grow in leadership effectiveness

Iam a strong, dedicated leader but to continue being so I must keepgrowing in my leadership skills and effectiveness to capitalize onmy strengths and work on eliminating my weaknesses. I plan to do thatby conducting various benchmarks with other organizations that Iconsider to have model leadership and management. Besides, I have apositive vision for Jewel Home that one day, it will be way largerand a household name such that if anybody thinks they have no home,they remember they have Jewel Home. I am enthusiastic and hope toachieve that by being always optimistic and turning every negativeenergy I encounter into positive solutions (Gordon51).


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