What it means to live fully Human in the Modern World

Whatit means to live fully Human in the Modern World

Inmost cases, even when human beings try to come up with the solutionsto some of their pressing challenges, the situation only gets worse.It is difficult to be happy and live a life to the fullest in thisera of human civilization. The challenges that people face on a dailybasis, whether they are environmental, economic, political or evensocial in nature, are beyond comprehension, and the narrative thathuman desire can be satisfied fully is nothing but an irony. Thesatire in this narrative is that even with the institutions of themodern world such as the scientific community, multilateralorganizations, artificial intelligence, and state, are trying to makelife enjoyable, the hope that tomorrow will look different is but anoptimism of futility. Everyone is puzzling in Socrates’ statement,which states, ‘I know that I know nothing’ or, put simply, no onehas the best approach or knows what to do. Thislong prologue leads to two important questions that deserve properand accurate answers. The questions are: What should one do to livehappily in the modern world? How can one do only what is right andserve God in these end-times? Answering these two important questionsis the major priority of this paper. The paper aims to look at howbest one should act or behave in contrast the universality ofindividualism that is turning civilization into a sinking Titanic.

Inevery part of the world, people face problems of different natures.They all begin with human behaviors, but causes great uproar and harmeither environmentally, socially, economically, or politically. Oneof the major challenges in the modern world is the longevity ofrelationships. Marriage is no longer sacred. It is unpopular in thesecular world and divorce is a norm rather than an exception. Peopleget married today, and they part ways the following day, or separateafter some duration. While this might be the case in many marriages,some spouses stay together for a longer period. This scenario hasprompted a lot of research on what makes some spouses stay togetherfor a longer period and what makes the rest part ways immaturely(Lila 8).The stability in marriageisbased upon factors such as personality congruence, frankness to lifeexperiences, meticulousness, and psychological correspondence. Inview of these circumstances, what should one do to live a happymarriage life? Marriage is a very complicated affair that needsthorough consideration. There are several issues that arise in amarriage. These issues range from compatibility between the couplesto other social-cultural factors. For a lasting marriage, the couplesneed to evaluate their abilities, character traits, likes anddislikes, strengths and weaknesses, among other aspects.

Agood marriage is anchored on steadfast faith in God. One should be agood Christian and follow God’s commandments. Most importantly, asuccessful marriage requires the couple to pray constantly.Throughout the Bible, God provides clear instructions to all Hischildren on how they should live. Most of these instructions areprovided through some of His renowned servants, such as Job, Abraham,Isaiah, Daniel, David, among others. Many research studies indicatethat the time one spends praying for God’s mercy is never wasted.For instance, in the book Psalms, also referred to as the prayers ofKing David, teaches all Christians the fundamental elements of aprayer. In more than one way, it reveals God’s character and thebest ways on how to connect with Him. All Christians need God’smercy so as survive in this perilous world. Troubles are everywhereall the time. Jobs are lost. Dear ones die every day before the eyesof those who love them and nothing can be done about it. Dreams areshattered. People do not know where to run to at times of trouble.Just like David, in Psalms 23, they can plead for God’s protectionin times of difficulty. They can trust in Him. They can trust in Himknowing that His promise never changes and that He is the Lord oflords and King of kings who reigns forever. This paper also aims atimproving the prayer techniques of Christians and how they can do iteffectively through psalms. It seeks to deepen their understanding ofGod His various images and names used in the Bible and how theyconnect to the spiritual growth of a Christian. Further, it clarifiesthe importance of the Old Testament as based on the views of Hebrewprophets and how it applies the life of Catholic Christians.

Aprayer involves agreements, mediation, and consecrations. Peopleshould make an agreement with God before they pray through as Jobdid. They should ask Him to broaden their understanding of His word.When one begins reading the psalms, they should read them out loudly,slowly, and emotionally. One should understand what each word teachesabout the requirements of God. Moreover, when reading the Bible, oneshould apply the highest level professionalism. For example, shouldbe thoughtful about the usage of words in each chapter, and sobertheir mind to internalize the meaning as brought in each line. Thissobriety is very necessary because it is the only way through whichthe heart of the reader connects with God.

Asuccessful prayer needs meditation. A Christian should festoon thePsalm’s verses they read. There are verses in the book of Psalmsthat need proper meditation after reading them. In the book of Job24: 4-5, Job connects righteousness and the purity of heart to God’sblessings. When one reads such a verse during a prayer session, theyneed to meditate upon it later. The Christians need to decoratethose words with their own feelings and emotions. Also, they shouldchange their moods from sadness to happiness if possible duringprayer sessions. Moreover, the application of the “three Rs”principle will help Christians further understand what verse theyread during their prayers needs. They need to rejoice if there is apromise in the verse, and ask themselves questions like what doesthe psalm promise me? If its meets their spiritual needs, then theyshould praise and thank God. During prayers, Christians can also usesome verses in the book of Psalm to place their requests to God. Anyperson who follows the above method while praying in psalms will prayeffectively.

Topray effectively as Job did will require one to memorize the verseshe or she reads. One needs to memorize them both in the brain andheart. Here is where one needs to downplay the power of the mind. Heor she should practice on how to memorize words. They may not be goodat cramming, but learning is practice. One needs to note the chaptershe or she has read and read them aloud repeatedly until he or she canmemorize them in his or her own words. He or she should make them hisor her own words so that he or she can sing them, or even recitethem. Through this, one’s knowledge and understanding of Godwidens. The theologians approve the reliability of technique as Jobdid because it is reliable. It is of helps when one finds themselvesin a murky situation that needs a quick and short prayer. Therefore,if one has memorized some of the Psalm’s verses, they can prayefficiently.

Howabout business ethics? The world is not just defined by genealogy ofimmoralist. However, many people are getting carried along with thisvice. Theglobal market has expanded now than at any other time before becauseof the stiff competition among the companies all over the world. Thefree trade between nations, sea transportation, and globalizationhave tremendously improved the global economy. This has put thecompanies looking for new business ventures, including Africa andAsia on one hand, and the other continents acting as the impetus ofcorruption and business immoralist on another(Pitta 34). Therefore, for efficient competition and increase in businessoutputs, foreign companies need to understand the global businesspolicy and ethics. In addition, any company that wants to invest inAsia, for instance, must comprehend the cultural diversity that mayaffect the business negatively. For companies from different parts ofthe world to corporate and do business in one market, these ethicsmust be central when defining their rules of engagement. Both thebusiness parties in the global market must perceive these rules asgeneral beliefs within which the right and wrong of any company isaddressed without fear or favor. More importantly, it is a generalknowledge that the varying cultures of America, Europe, and Asia havelead to difficulty in the implementation of most of the internationalbusiness ethics. This is majorly due to the political systems, suchas capitalism and communism in both continents.

Anotherarea that presents not just the divergence of human opinions, butalso act a source of conflict in the modern times, is the conflict ofideas regarding the purity of either Islam or Christianity. People oneither side always find themselves antagonizing one another not justideologically, but also physically at times. Religious wars havebecome a norm in the present century to the extent that it seems likethe whole civilization is lost. However, there is still hope whenpeople can change their ways of life and understand one anotherinstead of demonizing each other. Just like Christianity, I believethat Islam, as a religion, has long and rich history. It remains astrong religion with age-long conventions about human rights and fearof Allah. It is true that there are minor differences between Islamand Christianity, more so about Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad(Gordon9).However, the fact that these faiths serve one God confirms that thecontrasting opinions about the two faiths are only about traditionsand ways of praying.

Inconclusion, we should all act according to God’s will and only dothings according to His wills so has to have a fair judgement duringthe time of trial. Therefore, living fully human in the modern worldis living according to the ways of God


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