White Collar vs. Blue Collar Crimes

WhiteCollar vs. Blue Collar Crimes

WhiteCollar vs. Blue Collar Crimes

Thesociety accommodates people of different financial abilities whichlead to the emergence of social classes. Among the social classesthat crop up, some people get involved in offenses that getcategorized in different dimensions. The legal system classifies thecrimes committed in varying degrees. One of the ways of classifyingthese legal activities is through the consideration of the offender’seconomic muscle. The classification on financial muscle gets based onthe fact that people living in different environments commit diverseforms of crime (Hayes, 2013). Moreover, even in the same environment,the crime offenders range depending on how well off they get deemedin financial terms. With all these differences in place, it is veryeasy to define crime into distinct categorical groups. Based on theculprits’ background, crimes get categorized as white collar orblue collar ones. The names of these criminal forms allude to thedifferent forms of work that people do in their pursuit for a living.Therefore, this analysis aims at digging deeper and generating moreinformation on the two types of crime.

Thesisstatement:White collar and blue collar crime differ from each other based onthe social class of the individuals involved, the resources required,and the resulting damages.

WhiteCollar crimes

Asthe names suggest, the crime category gets derived from the term‘White collar” worker it is a kind of crime committed by peopleof high socio-economic living status. Most of these crime committersare always in a position to access resources in a company setting,and that ultimately results in them embezzling these funds. Most ofthe white collar crimes get committed by established individuals inthe society, and this occurs in areas where the rate of conventionalrobbery and forms of crime are limited (Hayes, 2013). The crime getscategorized into various ways. An example of a white crime situationis whereby a party commits an offense against clients, customers, andthe availing of sensitive information to people without anorganization’s consent. Moreover, in a white collar crime, damagesoccur to the victim resources and there are no physical injuriesexperienced at all.

Inthe case of a white collar crime, the likelihood of the misconducttaking happening in places like the government is very high becauseof the association with vast sums of money. Considering that itinvolves large amounts of capital, such scenarios are highly possiblein institutions of public interest. In many instances, the people incharge of the public funds take part in the embezzlement activities.Most of the resources mentioned above get set aside for public use orexecution of projects that are of great help to the community. Otherplaces where white collars crimes are likely to occur is in financialinstitutions especially when the auditing team fails to give theactual figures Other privatized companies are likely to experiencethis form of crime if there is a lack of transparency on how theyoperate.

Effectsof White collar crimes

Whitecollar crimes have severe consequences on the society consideringthat they are vices committed by a single person but possible ofaffecting many other people. The crimes are responsible for the lossof jobs amongst many people. For instance, if a company runs bankruptbecause a person embezzled the funds, there is the likelihood thatall the people working in within it will not receive salaries.Moreover, white collar crimes threaten the economic development andits stability especially in a scenario where capital involved isinstrumental in running a particular area in the society. If thesecrimes take place in a big institution that serves people, thecustomers are likely to lose trust in the establishment which cancripple its future existence. Finally, white collar crimes areresponsible for the collapse of many firms across the world.Therefore, the impacts that these crimes have on the society are moredevastating, thus it is better to practice transparency in allaspects to avoid giving people loopholes that lead them to commitcrimes of this nature.

Bluecollar crimes

Primarily,the blue collar crimes get committed by people from a social classthat leads a very ordinary life. The name originates from thebeginning of the twentieth century and gets associated with theAmerican workers who performed manual labor. Legally, these forms ofcrimes should not receive justification as blue collar crimes, butthe name gets informally given to them as a crime category. Peoplewho commit blue collar crimes tend to commit crimes that are personaland immediate in nature. Therefore, it is right to conclude thatthese crimes result from the scarcity of resources in the societywhich drives people to get involved with unlawful activities(Rastogi, 2016). Additionally, it is wrongful to justify that onlyindividuals from the lower class in society commit these crimes. Thelarge numbers of people involved are from the low earning end, butcases related to the middle class are also evident, the majority isused to justify the crime.

Examplesof such offenses include an armed robbery, sexual assault, murder andviolence acts, drug abuse, theft, etc. A precise scrutiny into bluecollar crimes clearly reveals that most of them occur at a personallevel. The desire to steal comes when an individual lacks options toacquire something that is very vital to their survival. These crimeshave severe impacts on the people who commit them. Chances ofphysical harm even resulting in death are very high especially if thepublic traces the person involved. Additionally, these crimes causesevere health damages and effects that can last a lifetime (Rastogi,2016). At a personal level, becoming involved with blue collar crimesleads to addiction whereby an individual finds it hard to cease fromcommitting the offense. The majority of the world population getscaught in the blue collar crime circle which gets highly motivated byunemployment.

WhiteCollar vs. Blue Collar crimes

Comparingand contrasting the two forms of crime brings in the picture how bothof them relate to the society.

White collar crimes

Blue collar crimes

Committed by well-off people in society

Requires resources and power to engage in crime.

Damages orients towards the victim`s resources like money and not physical form

Do not require the criminal to be at the site where the crime gets committed directly

Perpetrated by people of low economic status.

No resources or power is needed

They can result in physical damage especially of one is caught committing them

They demand that the criminal plays a direct role in perpetrating them.

Onthe similarities end, both forms of crime attract punishment if thelegal action takes its course but the intensity of the penaltydiffers depending on the decisions made by the person ruling over thecase. Additionally, all forms of crime result from individuals wholack moral values that are very critical in promoting a society thatstrives towards achieving success in every way. Controlling the twoforms of crime is impossible considering their timeless nature andability to be part of every community. Therefore, blue collar andwhite collar crimes should get regarded as lifetime problems that thesociety cannot eliminate.


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