Why I Chose to do Nursing

WhyI Chose to do Nursing

Nursingas a profession rests on the aspects of taking care of people,community, and even the entire nation with the aim of recovering aswell as achieving optimal health and value life (Grace et al 16).Several reasons have shaped my desire to become a nurse. Anyonewho has a dream of pursuing a given profession should focus on hisbackground, traits and talents because they are the main factors thatshape one to take a particular career.

Thefirst reason is my family line. In our family, several individualshave served in the health sector and this impacted on my careerdreams significantly. My aunt is currently a senior health officer inthe military while a close cousin is a mental therapist. Some of myclose friends recently graduated from a nursing school and one ofthem is currently serving as a nurse under the United Nations troopsin Africa. When I listen to their accomplishments and their dreams, Iam always inspired to pursue nursing.

Naturally,I enjoy a flexible working environment. The flexibility depicted inthe nursing profession has been a great foundation of my admirationtoo. I diligently observed, studied, and inquired the activities ofmy family members and friends in the sector. The studies assured methat their working schedules are flexible and friendly. For example,most of them have the freedom to either work during the day or atnight. One can also choose whether to work for 2 to 4 shifts nonstopand then be off work for the rest of the week. This atmosphere cancreate a room to get a refresher course or even further my educationin the medically affiliated fields like psychology. Since I value mysocial life, I believe that the aspect will also give me an ampletime to interact and meet friends and relatives freely.

Ihave been nurtured to believe that one of the primaryresponsibilities, as a man, is touches the lives of other people evenif they do not recognize the efforts. This mentality came up at atender age when I was left home to nurse my ailing mother when myfather was outside the country on a peacekeeping mission. I learneddifferent aspects which are crucial in nursing. I realized the joythat comes along with bringing a smile on a person’s face andtouching their hearts.

Ibelieve that nursing is an exploration and as an adventurous person Iam ready to undergo the continuous learning experiences within theprofession to realize my innate satisfaction. The bold aspect willalso be essential in my quest to unearth critical life concepts andto deal with the changes in life.

Mycharacter traits are also in line with my conviction that indeed Iwas meant to be a nurse. My persistence enables me to master a lot ofinformation a gregarious trait allows me to enjoy comforting andhelping others. I am also a gifted exemplary speaker whichcompliments my patience, attention to details and unequivocaltalents.

Ina recap, I always feel superior when I tell my friends and familymembers that my dream career is nursing and that’s what I chose.This profession is not limited to the walls of integrity andcompassion. I believe my traits, characteristics, and communicationgift will be essential in my professional ambitions. The professionwill measure my abilities, sharpen them and exploit them fully. Iwill be grateful if I realize this dream and I do not regret choosingit.


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