Why the James Baldwin Focused On Racism in “Notes of a Native Son” Essay

Whythe James Baldwin Focused On Racism in &quotNotes of a Native Son”Essay

Whythe James Baldwin Focused On Racism in &quotNotes of a Native Son”Essay

JamesBaldwin uses his personal experience to express an issue of interestconcerning racism. The text indicates several themes that apply inexplaining the position of African Americans in the ancient times. Moreover, he dwells on the death of his father as a primary source ofracism in the non-fictional book. Baldwin sets the mood of the storyby using the inhuman experience and expressing emotions concerningthe unjust treatment of the minorities in America. Therefore, theauthor concentrates on racism based on the pain and the impact thatit has had on his family.

Theissues of racism are interesting since Baldwin begins his text fromthe perspective of despair and frustration. Moreover, he uses racismfactors to describe the circumstance that his father faced at workand along the streets (Baldwin, 1955). The father constantly warnedhim to avoid the association with the whites at schools. However,Baldwin accepted and made close friendship with the whites. Consequently, it would be interesting to learn how the author isabsorbed in the somber mood of racial hatred towards the AfricanAmericans.

&quotWheneverthe Negro face appears a tension is created, the tension of silencefilled with things unutterable (Baldwin, 1955).” Thepassage is captivating as it elaborates the position that racismbrought to the people in the community. It demonstrates the offensivepresence of the Black person among the Americans and the Europeans. The passage summarizes the difference between the whites and othergroups. It defines the gap of inequality that people have sufferedfor in the past, the present, and possibly in the future.

Thetext explained the aspect of racism in a manner that is distinct. Thenew dimension in which racial hatred is related to the death ofBaldwin’s father indicates that racism has health impacts. Hisfather developed paranoia (Baldwin, 1955). The harsh treatment atwork and the shouts he received along the street indicated how sharpracism is rooted in the society. Initially, I thought of racism as anelement of cultural differentiation and the difference in the skincolor of the people. The idea challenged my shallow thinking onracism. The elaboration of how racial hatred is deeply rooted betweenthe blacks and the whites changed my view on relationships. Ibelieved that it marked the difference between origins, but I havenever conceived of it as a source of death. The text is enjoyablebut sets the audience in a helpless mood. It serves the purpose ofcommunicating the problems that different races experience in theUnited States. Baldwin makes critical claims on racism since he aimsto construct the dangers of inequality in a society is divided.


JamesBaldwin focuses on racism in “notes of a native son” essaybecause of the concerns and the treatment that his family underwent.The most provoking event includes the death of his father which heentirely bases on racism factors. Though the author introduces a sadmood at the beginning of the essay, it is interesting since he uses adifferent perspective of life and death in expressing the sideeffects of racism. Baldwin plays a significant role in offeringinsights on the dangers of a disintegrated society and prejudice.


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