Why we should travel more

Whywe should travel more


Whywe should travel more

Peopletravel for myriad reasons, be it for recreational purposes, businessor even social calls like to see loved ones, among others. Despitethe purpose of traveling, people tend to have a splendid time, relax,and explore the new environment. Traveling has a positive impact onthe social and economic aspect of an individual’s life. Travelensures people get to appreciate uniqueness and beauty of differentregions around the world. Besides the fuzzy and warm experiencesbrought about by travel, it also makes people healthier and improvessocial skills. The essay seeks to investigate why people shouldtravel more, and its positive implications.



Travellingis one of the tactics used to strengthen the brain and gain aconsiderable level of knowledge. Learning does not only take placeinside a classroom, but also out in the world exploring naturalresources and artifacts[ CITATION Pha15 l 1033 ].Travel helps individuals learn more about history, languages, andskills, among others. Moreover, travel is educative as people get tolearn more about politics, geography, and sociology.


Themodern world comprises of people from all walks of life, and thatforms an important aspect of traveling. An individual’s perspectiveabout the world is influenced by meeting people from differentcultures, religion, and ethnicities. Therefore, meeting and minglingwith various people helps relate well with others and improve anindividual’s grip on reality[ CITATION Pha15 l 1033 ].Travelling helps people realize that things are not the way theyappear and it is vital to acknowledge and appreciate otherindividuals’ way of life.


Recreationaltraveling is significant in reducing stress. It helps people toforget their day to day problems and worries such as work, andhousehold chores. Travel tends to increase happiness, reducedepression, and improve mood. Many employers offer compulsoryvacations for their employees so as to renew their energy andincrease productivity. According to research studies, 94 percent ofpeople returning from a great travel or vacation, were moreenergetic. Besides relieving stress, travel helps improve humanhealth. For instance, the Framingham Heart Study inferred that peoplewho traveled more often were less likely to develop heart disease[ CITATION Pha15 l 1033 ].


Travelpresents countless opportunities that force individuals to bephysically active, thus help to keep fit. There are numerous thingsand places to see and explore when traveling people spent timehiking, indulging in extreme sports, and walking in the parks or atthe beach. The aforementioned physical activities associated withtravel are beneficial for the body to keep fit and prevent healthcomplications[ CITATION Pha15 l 1033 ].


Travelmakes people more social beings and improves social skills. Peoplewill interact and strike conversations with strangers thus enhancetheir social relationships[ CITATION Pha15 l 1033 ].Travelopens opportunities for people who stay locked in their homes orworkplace to enjoy the free world and meet people from differentgeographical and social backgrounds.


Travelis an essential social facet that helps people’s psychological,social, and physical well-being. There are numerous benefitsassociated with travel the people need to utilize to improve theirphysical and mental health. There are lots of diseases, in the modernsociety, that have been linked to physical inactivity and stress. Asa result, medical practitioners recommend travel and other physicalactivities that keep individuals occupied thus prevent healthproblems.


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