Women Interview


Thesisstatement:I interviewed Amy Schulman Executive Vice President and GeneralCounsel Health Care at Pfizer Nutrition to ask her to share herstories regarding headwinds she has gone through over the yearstogether with advice she would offer to other women about emergingthe best at work.



Tobegin with, what are some of the trends you have come across over thepast years regarding women at work, and the concrete steps they couldbe undertaking in life in pursuit to advance their careers? (Bryant,2013).


Oneof the common things that take place at office amongst women is thatthey tend to expect favors as if they are loads on the airline –youunderstand the many hundreds of thousands of aircraft miles that weare keeping the money for just to spend when we meet to have them.Nonetheless, “when we need to have them” may never come to pass.The trips we expect are not going to take place, and we shall alwaysbe left stranded with 800,000 airlines long away (Bryant, 2013).

Occasionally,there is analogous in work room. One may be forced to make use ofpolitical capital – be fearless to make people aware, give acompliment to individual when the person deserves and maintain yourstand and remain active for ideas you believe to be genuine andlogical, instead of going with the flow because others have said ordone. I do not mean that one should become a recurrent troublemakerat the workstation. But it is a matter of having courage andconviction in every step you undertake in life. Use the federalinvestments you possess by being intellectually believable, by beingthe defender of individuals in our groups whenever it is appropriate,and by presenting and debating ideologies that matter to the publicand make sense of yourself also. If you are sited back waiting forthe best moment to take advantage of that capital, then you will beonly sidelining your entire career anticipating for some form of akind to come into the ring (Bryant, 2013).

Womenshould and can accomplish the nobler job of aiding one another toreach to the board of the transactional platform and to overcome theworry that we are going to be gotten choosing on the inappropriateside of the calculation. In most cases, we are underestimating theobligation and the responsibility we can perform in the merit of ourfriends, colleagues, family members and also the organizations weoperate. So there is need to utilize some of the political abilitythat is at our disposal. We have to be well prepared, we should besmart, must be punctual, should be responsive, must have an aspect ofrespect towards our colleagues, and also we must operate underpersonal set principles. So much time as we possess all these factorsand have cultivated a splendid track record, then do not sit and waitfor the perfect day (Bryant, 2013).


Anyother observations you have made?


Thereare some things around that I have noted. I am not that very formalindividual, but sometimes I do not get myself reacting veryappropriately correctly when there is the hypothesis that aconnection will be there by the trait that we are of the same gender. If any person is attempting to take advantage of the truth I havesaid openly regarding my stand of underpinning the progress offemales, and they implement it as a form of substitution to obtain anapproach to me, I get that irritating (Bryant, 2013).

Thefew subtle manner of putting it is that transacting by gender,according to my understanding, is impermissible as a woman or a man.Saying you must do something on the grounds of your sex hits me asnot being right or fair. Having uttered such, it is clear thatassumptions and biases trail you on the foundation of your race andgender. Workplaces must be made to understand of those and takeinitiatives to counterbalance as institutions. Leaders should be sureof organizations we come up with, manage and drive are open tovarious voices, in both substance and tone (Bryant, 2013).


Youhave worked in law firms for over 20 years before joining Pfizer. Anyobservations regarding the drawbacks female face that are particularto law firms?


Inmy prioryearswhen I was still a younger lawyer, also of things you are doingbelongs to the paradigm of recent female success, “dutifuldaughter.” It is extraction from Adrianne Rich, and it refers to“the wonderful girl behind the scenes” – you are disobeying theresponsibilities expected out of you. A suitable law partner isorderly, write for other people methodical, makes draft argumentsthat other folks produce in the form of unending apprenticeship role(Bryant, 2013).

Itis in the view of the above other organization say, “Gee, we ownall these eminent great women in the channel,” although they arenot a partner. Part of that is all about if the women are in aposition to elegantly change from being a mere dutiful girl topartner. But does the institution recognize and reward full reach ofbehaviors? (Bryant, 2013).


Soyou mean both women and the companies they work for bare theobligation of helping in the transition?


Itis two sided responsibility. One issue is that we tell women you haveto own your voice. Do not make reports that look like questions. Donot fear to speak your mind. Possess the room. Have confidence whenyou speak. But to the level that does not show nature, females, in anattempt to perform what you are. Sometimes you end up over-occupyingspace (Bryant, 2013).

Thinkof big things that give rise to a great leader and wonderfulcolleague – collegiality, a particular level of humility, embracingteamwork in the institution – and then sometimes we are so severeasking young ladies: Do not allow yourself to become second. Stopsubordinating yourself and speak. Speak your mind. If no one hearsyou, speak once more. We end up giving mixed messages, and we dotrain females precisely how to undertake that since it is notincredibly attractive when someone else is attempting to ask for aroom in the meeting (Bryant, 2013).

Whatwe should do is to train strategies, since here’s is the notionregarding spoken languages: the one who wins the conversation ownsthe language. Women need to know the dissimilarity between a languageand native tongue. Conversely, institutions have to be somewhatmerciful if you do not understand the jargon correct at some point.Here is where the sweet spot of attachment comes in (Bryant, 2013).


Finally,earlier you spoke about confidence. Can you expound?


Forseveral guys, this becomes simple because they are neverover-invested in the queries of “Do I belong?” not everything isa trial. If you are not considering interactions as a test forwhether you fit, you are destined to greatness. On the other hand, ifyou always wait for that kind of approval, you may end up beinginsecure or self-conscious, and none of them is a formula forprominence. What you need is the type of essential confidence thatcontributes to beauty. You require being close to people who have funand relishing what you are undertaking (Bryant, 2013).


Theavailability and eminence of women in paid professionals haveimproved over the past years. However, the development of specializedwomen into positions of management has been sluggish. According tothis interview, female species encounter more challenging momentswhen climbing to high ranks of leadership in situations that seemhighly male dominated, regardless of the segment of occupation.

Accordingto the interview, obstructions to female progression is as a resultof the number of interrelating factors. Some of them includebusiness drive, a culture that underestimates the presence of womenthrough shallow concepts of ‘cultural fit’ together with mannishleadership that disregard women complex undercurrents that surroundtactical management relationships and lastly life/work poise issue.

Inspite of all these challenges, women still have opportunities to riseand go against the odds of life in their pursuit to get a managementposition.Amy Schulman advises women to grow up and confidently speak theirmind by standing for what they believe.


Bryant,A. (2013, October 13). FourExecutives ways on Succeeding in Business as a Woman.Retrieved from Business Day:http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/10/13/business/women-corner-office.html?_r=0