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Upon reading the Effects of Processing onUnsaturated Fats and Fat on the diet, I have realized that I need toupdate my food log and fully adhere to it practically because I mightjust be gradually weakening my body by consuming too muchhydrogenated fats and trans-fatty acids as a result of incompletehydrogenation (Hamilton&amp Whitney, 2016 p. 179). Forthis reasons, the changes focus on the fatty foods that wereavailable on the two-day food log in discussion one.

First off, Nabisco, the company that manufactures the Triscuitsthat I consume for lunch says they use palm oil or soybean oil intheir preparation (&quotNabisco food snackwell`s,&quot2011). However, a slight hydrogenation process is effected tolengthen the shelf life of these Triscuits.The American Nutritional Association reports that a 28 gram servingof a Triscuit contains 1 gram of saturatedfat, 2 grams of polyunsaturated and 1 gram of monounsaturated fats(&quotNUTRITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS OF WHEAT,&quot2011). Therefore, I seriously consume unsaturated fats. My plan is toreplace the Triscuits with foods that haveessential fatty acids that I have been missing. During lunch hours, Iwill be consuming 100 grams of fish for three separate days in aweek. The fish shall be fried withunsaturated oil. The remaining days shall constitute a natural sourceof unsaturated fat like an avocado or olives for lunch with someother foods like carbohydrate sources (Hamilton &amp Whitney, 2016p.181). However, a day for the Triscuit isenough, but now I reduce the quantity tonot more than 100 grams. My routine of consuming pork and sometimesbeef over the weekends shall change. I will be getting leanones and consume the least amount possible (Hamilton &amp Whitney,2016 p.182). I use unsaturated olive oils in preparing dinner ofhomemade vegetable soup, but there is achange of plan, I will halt the oil andjust make the vegetablesnaturally so that I cut on fats. This planis effective immediately.

The hydrogenation of fats brings detrimental effects. My planconstitutes replacing Triscuits with 100gof fish for three days every week. Then use of natural oil foods likeolives and avocados with other foods. Moreover, I will get lean porkand stop the use of oil in preparing the dinner vegetable soup.


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