World History ll (3.3.8)


WorldHistory ll (3.3.8)

WorldHistory ll (3.3.8)



Boththe United States and French national anthems contain nobleinformation that informs the reader about different circumstances inthese countries. The French national anthem is a call made to thecitizens to join the military to enhance the fight against thetyrants. On the other hand, the United States’ national anthemoften referred to as Star-Spangled Banner, is a recount of their landas a place of the free and a home of the brave and was composedduring the British invasion of the U.S.


Bothanthems are related to war and freedom whereby they recount thewriter’s experience at war. They both seem to encourage thecitizens to be brave and fight the enemy to enhance their freedom.Moreover, they express how the Europeans and Americans of same ageview their wars.


TheU.S. national anthem was not originally adopted as one and was onlyofficially adopted in 1931. Before its adoption as a national anthem,other songs were being used, for example, Hail Columbia among others(Deutsch,2015).On the other hand, the French anthem was made official in 1795although it experienced bans from emperors such as Napoleon.


TheStar Spangled Banner is structured as a poem and gives more ideasthat express the uncertainty about the fate of the fort and the flag.Moreover, it articulates that war helps protect splendid ideas, forinstance, the glory, which is preserved and protected by militaryvictory.


Thepoetic national anthem is inspired by Battle of Baltimore whereby theAmerican soldiers attained victory from the British attackers. Thepoem begins by asserting that America is the land of the free hence,it is a motivation to attain victory.


Boththe American and French revolutions resulted from the enlightenmentof citizens whereby they realized that their rights were beingviolated (Smith,2011).What is more, the people needed to free themselves from oppressiverulers. Consequently, war arose between the locals and the invaders.

America Revolution

France Revolution


Intolerable acts of the British ruler

Political conflict between monarchy and nobility over the change in the tax system


Enlightment ideas

Enlightment ideas


Presence of loyalists

Dedication of the fighters


Anger of the locals


Attained freedom from the British ruler

Attained freedom and liberty

Principally,the American and French revolutions entailed confrontation betweenthe locals and the invaders in this case, war is considered noblesince it protects the inheritance attained from the ancestors. Inboth instances, importance was based on the concept of freedom andliberty. During the American Revolution, numerous loyalists benefitedfrom favors granted by the British government. In French Revolution,all people were angry at the monarchy due to the deprivation ofpower thus, they were rebellious.


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