World Literature The Ancient World

WorldLiterature: The Ancient World

WorldLiterature: The Ancient World

The Storyof Mother India summary

Althoughmore than four millenniums have passed since the time some sculptureswere fashioned, some remain viable to the present generation. Theintention of the ancient yoga was preparing the body for meditation.After yoga, people could not hurt other living things. Thesetraditional practices correspond to the present psychotherapy andmedical treatment. Yoga was important because it used to lower bloodpressure, reduce stress and increase the acuity of the mind or brain.Meditation and yoga were designed to find inner peace and existenceof harmony. During this period, citizenship was given an upper handduring the Indus culture women were engaged in prominent tasks. Itwas at c1750BC when most principles of Indic civilization came intoexistence.

HistoricalBuddha was amongst the figures that emerged during Cradle of faithperiod during the era of Judaism, the contemporary of Buddha wasMahavira also known as jinas or victors. Mahavira and Buddha were notrecognized as gods but as an exemplar. Hinduism was the thirdreligion in the country but did not have a teacher. The threereligions in the country have a common believe that every livingperson is subject to a cycle of birth and rebirth.

The Art ofBuddhism

Thepresentation of the website is trying to engage the viewer by givinga brief background or history of Buddha in India. The presentationemploys the descriptive feature by explaining or by helping theviewers to understand the sculpture and its meaning. The imagedescribed the superhuman affection of Buddha that was the ushnisharepresenting omniscience and urna symbolizing his renunciation. As awebsite visitor, I look at the pages beginning with the first one tothe fifth one. There is a flow of ideas helping to understand how thediscipline came about. The material does not explain the actual timein history when various occurrences happened

The period forBuddha in India was the fifth and the fourth centuries B.C.E, it wasat this time when he instigated religion that extended beyond hishome area. The major materials used in the objects are theestablishments of the Buddhist monastics that act to attract peoplefrom all parts of the world. Monastic robes were used to cover theshoulders. Hair was used to cover the image of Buddha that wasarranged in wavy curls.

The part ofthe website that is of interest to me is understanding that Buddhawas from a ruling family which he abandoned together with thenumerous pressures of the palace with an aim of seeking the truemeaning and nature of life. The part interest me to know and evaluatethe major contributions that can make one to abandon pressurized lifeto or suffer the normal way like other people.

The followingobjects can be used to illustrate the Iliadand the Odyssey.These are artifacts depicting the life of Buddha and statutesrepresenting the worship of Buddha. Both the Iliad and the Odysseyare ancient Greek epic poems. The Iliad talks about Greek legendssuch as Achilles who fought in the Trojan War. Buddha would take upthe role of Achilles in the Iliad because of his celebrated nature asa Buddhist god. On the other hand, the odyssey features the heroOdysseus and his journey to greatness after the fall of Troy. Assuch, Buddha as represented in the statutes can be compared toOdysseus because of both are depicted as heroes in their respectivesocieties.