World War II

WorldWar II

World WarII

The made some profound changes to the American nationality.The war transformed the country in various ways. Some of the ways inwhich the reshaped the American nationality include theinflux of women into workforce, emergence of the country as asuperpower, industrialization of the country and the emergence of theUnited States as the largest and the most important economy in theworld.

Firstly,the reshaped the American nationality by altering thecountry’s workforce. During the war, many women were employed inthe workforce since the men were in the battlefield. Most workplacesrestructured their workforce by employing more women than before(Ayers, Gould, Oshinsky &amp Soderlund, 2008). For instance, womenjoined military services like the Women Marines, Pentagon, the WACS(Women’s Auxillery Corps), and the Navy.

Anotherway in which the reshaped the nationality of the UnitedStates is making the country to become the new superpower. Just afterthe war, America emerged to be the world superpower. This changed theprevious way in which the U.S was perceived in the world. It was nowa country full of new promises and endless possibilities (Ayers etal, 2008).

Also, the transformed the United States nationality to become thelargest and the most important economy in the world. Before the war,the U.S was just one of the many rich countries they however,emerged to become the richest country after the war had devastatedother leaders. Apart from becoming the largest economy, the U.S alsobecame more industrialized. It grew to become the leadingmanufacturer in the world. For example, major industries such as GM,Ford Motor and Chrysler expanded and manufactured more goods.


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