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Physicaltherapy is one of the important occupations that maximize the qualityof life of individuals. Physical therapists offer services toindividuals and populations to facilitate the maintenance andrestoration of maximum movement, as well as functional abilitythroughout the lifetime of individuals. Professionals in this areacan offer services in instances where movement and function have beenthreatened by injury, disease, age, or even environmental factors.According to the physical therapists, functional movement isfundamental to a healthy person. This paper will indicate the reasonsfor being interested in this career and how the data obtained fromthe bureau of labor statistics can be used in making informeddecisions on a person’s educational as well as career goals.

Reasonsfor the Interest in Physical Therapy

Forseveral years, I have developed a great interest in physical therapy.One of the reasons for being interested in the career is because Ihave family members who are in the career and have played a centralrole in mentoring me to become a physical therapist. My father andbrother have been in the profession for a long time, which made me togain interest in understanding what they do. This has made me to lovewhat they do and has given me the desire to get involved in theprofession. Furthermore, I have an interest in the career because onehas an opportunity of earning more on the practice based on thelocation and experience of an individual.


Oneof the data obtained from the bureau of labor concerns the physicaltherapy assistants. Report concerning states having the highestconcentration of jobs as well as location quotients in the occupationwas accessed and the data is as follows


Location Quotient

Annual mean wage

West Virginia












New Hampshire












New Jersey






Fromthe above data on the annual mean wages for the occupation, it ispossible to have a chart that would illustrate the distribution ofthe annual mean wages in the different states the graph is asfollows

Also,another data obtained entails the national occupational employmentand data estimates for the physical therapy assistant. The meanannual wage for the occupation is indicated to be $55,250 while themean hourly wage for the occupation is indicated to be $26.56 (Bureauof Labor Statistics, n.d).

Howthe Data can be used

Thedata on the annual mean wages for the occupation is essential sinceit can be used in establishing the amount of money that professionalsin the area can anticipate to obtain when working in a given area.For instance, the annual mean wages are different in various states,which provide a better view of what individuals should anticipate toearn while in the distinct states. Besides, in case one desires tohave a private business that specializes on the physical therapyservices, it is possible to determine the amount that he/she canprovide as wages to the employees. Furthermore, the data on hourlywage is important since it can be used in establishing whether one isbeing paid the best hourly rates.

Also,the report be used in making personal decisions on the career. Forinstance, the information can be utilized in establishing whether theoccupation is well-paying or not a move that would help a person inmaking personal decisions on whether to pursue the career for anotheralternative or quit the career. The statistics may be used byindividuals to make the decision concerning the best location toestablish their businesses, which would be based on the profits to beexpected as a result of the wages paid.

Conclusions&amp Recommendations


Fromthe data, it is apparent that some states tend to have annual meanwages that fall below the national average. Therefore, it isrecommended that states having their annual mean wages below that ofthe national average should consider increasing their mean wages forthe occupation such that they match the national average.Alternatively, the states whose annual mean wages are above thenational average should not be made to lower their averages, butshould continue with their higher averages.


Physicaltherapists offer services to individuals and populations tofacilitate the maintenance and restoration of maximum movement, aswell as functional ability throughout the lifetime of individuals.This makes it an important profession. Data from the bureau of laborindicates that different states have varied annual mean wages for thephysical therapy professionals. However, there is a national averagefor the occupation. This data is vital since it can be used for bothprofessional and personal growth. Individuals can utilize the data inestablishing in which state to open a business offering the physicaltherapy services. Also, individuals can make the decision of whetherto engage in the career or choose another depending on the wagesanticipated.


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