Written Report



  1. Background Information

Aliteracy instructional procedure is critical for young children whoare still struggling to read fluently and make connections amongvarious texts in a book. This procedure was conducted on childrenaged between 3 and 6 years of who are in kindergarten. The childrenwere drawn from different cultural backgrounds with a largerpercentage of them white followed by the African Americans and theLatinos. Specifically, the activity was a read aloud whereby theteacher read the text in the book titled “The Very HungryCaterpillar” by Eric Carle.

  1. Description of Lesson

Toensure that the lesson was a success, I first took the childrenthrough a picture walk whereby we tried to figure out the picturesin the book and make wild guesses about them. This ensured that thechildren were well prepared for the reading as they connected theirexperiences with the pictures. During the read aloud, I opened onechapter of the book and read the text in it as the children listened.After the read aloud, I asked the children to tell me what they hadunderstood about the chapter that I had read. In this regard, thestudents preferred intertextual connections whereby they stated thatthe text was akin to one of the movies that they had watched. Thetext I read was about the hungry caterpillar coming out of the egghence making them connect with similar movies they had watched.

  1. Reflection

Inthis lesson, I performed very well in the picture walk as most of theguesses that the students made came to be true after reading thetext. However, in future, I will have to ensure that I perform thepicture walk in groups depending on the intellectual ability of thestudents. I would have prepared better through thorough analysis ofthe book. Indeed, the responses of the children that the imagesdepicted the reproduction process of a caterpillar were a little bitsurprising.


Carle,E. (1994). Thevery hungry caterpillar.Philomel Books.