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TermPaper Deadline #3 – Essay Outline

Topic&amp Focus:ToUnderstand the Main Issue Facing the Management Style ofEngineers

1. Introduction

Thesis Statement:

In technical organizations,there are some issues facing the management. These challenges includechanges in technology, the rise in competitive markets and manyunexpected problems. Most of the time engineers lack interpersonalskills that could assist in dealing with people and new situations.Instead, they are taught on technical competence. This, however, maynot always apply when it comes to making choices in the evolvingfield of engineering. This essay seeks to elaborate these issues andfinding solutions to management styles of engineering.

2. First main point: What is management style?

Subtopic 1: Definition: theseare ways to making decisions and giving guidance to subordinates.Through management styles, the organization will most certainly givecompetent results.

Subtopic 2: Managementstyles in relation to engineering

3. Second main point: Types of management styles

Subtopic 1: Advantages ofmanagement styles

Subtopic 2: Challenges ofmanagement facing engineers

Subtopic 3: Solutions toemerging for management problems

4. Thirdmain point: Engineers perspective of management styles

Subtopic 1: Stereotypes ofdecision-making positions

Subtopic 2: Development of newtechnique to upgrade managerial role

5. Fourthmain point: Technical and leadership competence

Subtopic1: Benefit of diversity in engineering management

Subtopic 2: Creatingawareness to young the generation

Subtopic 3: Flexibility inmanagement

Subtopic 4: Technical choices

6. Fifthmain point: Combining the old and new perspective of management style

7. Closing: In today’sworld, all professionals should possess numerous skills. Managerialresponsibilities in any field ensure that you experience the bestoutcome. As such, engineers ought to expand their competence inmanagement.


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