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VideoAssignment # 5 Analysis Paper

1. What does thenarrator say about Anne Hutchinson? Please transcribe every word thathe says, which means you will need to rewind the video for precisewording.

The narrator says that., “one of the reasons why Anne Hutchinsonhad been expelled from Boston’s Congregational Church for blasphemyand perjury was that rumors spread in which criticism of the governorand council as well as ministers was voiced in Anne Hutchinson’shome and she was challenged, first by a convocation of ministers, andthen in November 1637 by the Magistrates of the Colony in a courtheld in New Town, now Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anne Hutchinson wasrespected greatly as a midwife and a leading dissenter of Puritanreligion. At meetings held in her home after church services, shesummarized, discussed, and criticized ministers’ sermons. Themeetings became very popular. Soon she was holding separategatherings for men as well as for women. Women who followedHutchinson were often those who respected her medical knowledge andalso shared her criticism of the ministers. Moreover, the men whocame to the meetings were often those who were critical of thePuritan leadership on political and economic, as well as religiousgrounds. Magistrates of the colonies heard of these meetings and aninquisition was conducted by John Winthrop in November of 1637. Theproceedings were not a trial in the contemporary sense with modernsafeguards. They were instead a colonial version of the magisterialexamination, an inquisition conducted without a jury. AnneHutchinson, who was pregnant, had no lawyer. The General Court handeddown their harshest sentence: Excommunication. In these days,excommunication meant eventual death. This was a new land forEuropeans and it was very a difficult time for them to surviveuncertain winters. Anne (pregnant at the time) was formally held topublic ridicule and exiled explicit dissent by women was firmlysquelched by Puritan community members. These Puritan communitymembers lived under a male patriarchy dominant philosophy, in whichmen’s responsibilities were much different than the roles of women.That said, women had very few opportunities to voice their concerns.Anne Hutchinson and her husband fled to Rhode Island, where RogerWilliams offered toleration for dissenters. Anne died in 1643. AnneHutchinson’s trail in 1637, in which criticisms of her religiousand political behavior merged with a complaint that she ischallenging gender roles.”

2. What does Dr.Emma Lapsansky say about Anne Hutchinson? Please transcribe everyword that he says, which means you will need to rewind the video forprecise wording.

Dr. EmmaLapsansky praises Anne Hutchinson for her “incredible bravery andpassion. She was highly intelligent and tactful in her responses. Themagistrates were bewildered by her knowledge and boldness. She usedwell-chosen questions to respond to the panel’s accusations. Hershrewd approach antagonized members of the legislature. Anne’swords and actions still inspire many women today.”

3. On page 80 inthe Kerber and DeHart (2004) text, what role did John Winthrop (andthe members of the legislature) participate and what did he/they doin the trial of Anne Hutchinson?

John Winthropconducted the initial examination of Anne Hutchinson. According toKerber and DeHart (2004), Winthrop condemned Hutchinson’s meetingsas a “thing not tolerable nor comely in the sight of God, norfitting for your sex.” He also challenged her right to speak toothers on doctrinal matters. Winthrop also accused Hutchinson ofdefaming the church’s ministers. The members of the legislaturecastigated her for usurping male authority and assuming roles thatwere designated for men. The magistrates questioned Hutchinson fortwo days as they unsuccessfully tried to silence her. Members of thelegislature resented that a mere woman could lecture them on theBible. Hence, they sought to use Hutchinson’s bold statements asthe basis to incriminate her and pronounce adverse judgment.Eventually, they banished her since she was not fit to be a woman intheir society.

4. What are yourthoughts regarding the trial of Anne Hutchinson and of JohnWinthrop’s behavior?

The trial of AnneHutchinson was an abuse of judicial power. Notably, the magistratesdid not permit her to have legal representation. Furthermore,Hutchinson lacked the opportunity to be tried by a jury of her peers.Also, the trial was quite unfair since the defendant was presumedguilty. Therefore, the magistrates staged the sitting to humiliateHutchinson. Her bravery and outspokenness astounded members of thelegislature. In fact, the magistrates struggled to silenceHutchinson. The trial also shows the respondent’s tact andintellect in that she asked piercing questions designed to inspirethought. On the other hand, John Winthrop’s behavior wascondescending and chauvinistic. He viewed Hutchinson as inferior tomen in the society. John’s views were reflective of his attitudetowards women. He even challenged Hutchinson’s right to speakbefore men. John’s behavior also shows the partiality and bias ofmale magistrates towards female defendants. Consequently, hiscombative and haughty attitude led to the banishment of Hutchinsonalong with her family. She was also expelled from Boston’sCongregational Church for perjury and blasphemy when she claimed toexperience divine revelations.

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VideoAssignment #6 Analysis Paper

1. At thebeginning of the video, what does the narrator say of who Ryan is,and what does Ryan say about her gender identity? Please transcribeevery word that she says, which means you will need to rewind thevideo for precise wording.

At the beginningof the video, the narrator says that “from mastering a cord tomixing up a favorite treat, 10-year old Ryan is a typical kid in manyways. But her story is more complex because to the world, Ryan is agirl, but underneath she is physically a boy.” Ryan says that, “Idon’t feel I was in the wrong body. I feel a girl in my heart and aboy in my brain.”

2. What isdescribed as Gender Variant, and what does Dr. Robert Garofalo sayabout these children? Please transcribe every word that he says,which means you will need to rewind the video for precise wording.

Gender Variant isdescribed as “less defined than transgender when a person claimsthe opposite gender.” The feeling is captured through Ryan, who“calls herself a tom-girl.” Dr. Robert Garofalo says that“nowadays babies have a voice and find their own voices, and Ithink that’s what been making things like interesting andchallenging and difficult sometimes depending upon the family, or thekid, or the school.”

3. What do Ryan’sparents (Sabina and Chris) say about Ryan’s experience, and whatdoes the video say about Gender Variant problems? Please transcribeevery word that they say, which means you will need to rewind thevideo for precise wording.

Notably, Ryanwent public as a girl at the end of kindergarten. Her mother, Sabina,says, “if you look at the school pictures from kindergarten tofirst grade, there is a light and a twinkle in her eye that’sunmistakable. And if nothing else, just looking at that picture, wewere clear we made the right choice.” On the other hand, Ryan’sfather says, “all we’ve ever asked for is that our child has thesame safe environment that every other parent wants for theirchildren, and that’s where we’ve always come from.” GenderVariant families have to contend with societal stereotypes. In fact,“as more families make the choice to go public sooner, some schoolsare struggling with how to accommodate them. In Colorado, the parentsof a 6-year old transgender girl named Coy Mathis sued the schoolbecause her principal wants her to use a separate bathroom. Her mumsays they want Coy treated like a girl in every way.” Although“Ryan is okay with using the nurses’ bathroom for now, she alsosays she was harassed by older students earlier on.” Thankfully,“her principal and teachers quickly stopped that.” Therefore,“school, family and friends” can help such children to “fitin.” Support from the family is especially vital during “teenyears.”

4. What are yourthoughts about families that socialize their children to be GenderVariant? Your views will be respected.

Families thatsocialize their children to be gender variant should not only berespected but also cherished. Many parents want the best for theirchildren such that they are willing to pay for high school fees. Inmany instances, families face unique circumstances that createspecial needs. In this regard, parents need to pay attention to thefactors that could help their children attain their highestpotential. Support from the family is especially important duringteenage years. Ridicule from peers has the potential to damage moraleand self-esteem. Therefore, families have the right to socializetheir children to be Gender Variant.

5. Drawing fromchapter 6 in the Thorne text, what is described on how do Girls andBoys have Different Cultures? Please elaborate from the text andplease do not use outside sources (i.e., the Internet and othertexts).

According toMacWhinney &amp Snow (1985), “groups of girls and groups of boyshave contrasting ways of bonding and expressing antagonism andconflict they act upon different values and pursue divergent goalsin many ways, they live in separate worlds.” A salient conclusion,drawing from adults, can be used as when children grow up ingender-separated worlds of childhood. Notably, “adult men and womenare locked into patterns of miscommunication with women repeatedlyseeking intimacy and while men are preoccupied with marking status.”In other words, the socialization processes that young girls andyoung boys experience are reinforced by the larger social structuresin which our society helps reinforce these livid separate worlds. Thedifferent-cultures framework gains much of its appeal fromstereotypes and ideologies that should be queried rather than builton and perpetuated as social fact. It is, Barrie Thorne concluded,simply inadequate as an account of actual experience and is, in manyways, a conceptual dead end. In other words, the appeal fromstereotypes and ideologies that help create different genderedcultures should be questioned as being valid and reliable in terms ofwhether these phenomena is healthy for both girls and boys that seekaccess to resources on an equal playing field. Barry Thorne arguesthat the different-cultures framework is inadequate because it failsand or allows both genders to experience equal access to the sameresources across gender. Therefore, it is a dead end if one believesthat these inequalities are a social fact. Some, if not many, arguethat it is a biological fact in which that we are born differentlywith respect to gender.


Kerber, L. K. &amp De Hart, J. S. (2004). Women`s America:Refocusing the past. Boston, Mass.: Oxford University Press.

MacWhinney, B., &amp Snow, C. (1985). The child language dataexchange system. Journal of Child Language, 12(02),271-295.