Yunior and Aurora`s Relationship

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Yuniorand Aurora’s Relationship

Drown is a collection of stories by Junot Diaz that presents anillustration of certain characters. In this case, Yunior and Aurora’srelationship is an important theme that evaluates whether the two arein love or not. The story Aurora reveals how the two are in arelationship where the girl wants drugs, and she is forced to havesex with Yunior to get them. The story Ysrael shows that Yunior hadembraced such behaviors at a younger age when he interacted withRafa. The theme of abuse and sexual activities is also evident inFiesta 1980 when his father has an extramarital affair, and heturns out to be a violent and abusive person. The three storiesreveal that Yunior’s past has turned him into a controlling personthat is less concerned with how women feel. Hence, this essay willprove how Yunior and Aurora are not emotionally connected, and hispast has taught him that love is all about treating women as sexualobjects and being controlling and violent in a relationship too.

Yunior tends to control Aurora and that reveals how his father hadinfluenced him to have such a character. In the story Fiesta 1980,his father is controlling and violent, and that is one of thebehaviors that Yunior reveals in his relationship with Aurora. Forinstance, he insists how “Papi was old-fashioned he expected yourundivided attention when you were getting your ass whupped. Youcouldn’t look him in the eye either- that wasn’t allowed”(Diaz, p.26). He often uses the same approach while dealing withAurora, and that has led to the occasional fighting and the tensionbetween them. Yunior also reveals that “he had this one look,furious and sharp, that always left me feeling bruised” (Diaz,p.28). It proves that his father taught him to be tough and he wantsto portray the same image in his relationship as well. In the story,Aurora, Yunior was even reluctant in revealing his truefeelings for Aurora since he wanted to show Cut that he is tough.Hence, he was not ready to prove his love for Aurora because itseemed like a feminine thing to do.

The story Ysrael also reveals how Yunior’s childhood taughthim how to be tough and he is showing the same qualities in hisrelationship with Aurora too. In the process, it is unclear if theyare in love since Yunior is hesitant in showing that he loves her. InYsrael, he learnt that masculinity was all about having ladiesand that shows he values Aurora because of the sexual favors. Forinstance, he illustrates how Rafa “used to take the campo girlsdown to the dams to swim and if he was lucky they let him put it intheir mouths or in their asses (Diaz, p.5). The statement shows howYunior knew that sex was the most important thing when interactingwith women, and it also enhanced the masculinity of a person. He eveninsists that “I was too young to understand most of what he said,but I listened to him anyway, in case these things might be useful inthe future” (Diaz, p.6). The scenario proves that he wanted to havemultiple women and use them for the sexual favors. Rafa also taughthim to be strong, and that is reason he ended up being controlling inhis relationship with Aurora. For instance, when the driver waschasing them, “Rafa took off his shirt ad fanned himself and that’swhen I started to cry. He watched for a moment, You, he said, are apussy” (Diaz, p.13). The fact that Rafa called him a pussy showedthat he was weak and he had to toughen up instead.

Yunior and Aurora are not in love and they are only engaging in sexbecause of the material exchange. In fact, the same relationshipseems to give him a sense of control where he is able to reveal hismasculinity. More specifically, the violence in the relationshipproves that the two are not in love since their fights reveal hate.In Aurora, Yunior reveals how “she once tried to jam a penin my thigh, but that was the night I punched her chestblack-and-blue so I don`t think it counts” (Diaz, p. 217). Heinsists that he had punched her and that proves the assumption thathe was simply exercising his masculinity and his upbringing causedsuch behaviors. His attitude towards the relationship shows that itwill not work. He believes that it will not last and he says that “ifI had half a brain I would have done what Cut told me to do. Dump hersorry ass. When I told him we were in love he laughed. I’m the Kingof Bullshit, he said, and you just hit me with some, my friend”(Diaz, p. 217). The statement proves that he does not love Aurora,and he is in the relationship because of the sexual favors that hegets. He just wants to have a sexual partner since he has grown upknowing that men are supposed to have multiple girls. In fact, Auroravisits Yunior when she needs drugs to deal with her chronicaddiction. Clearly, the love is based on the materialistic things,and the feelings are not that deep as they seem. The way that hemistreats Aurora also matches with the boyfriend and girlfriendrelationship that Yunior had often observed. Even Yunior’sexplanation “we hurt each other too well to let it drop” shows alot of influence from the boyfriend (Diaz, p. 216). He has somehowembraced that life and he believe that sex is the most importantthing. Yunior even knows that addiction has messed up Aurora, and shedoes not have much to offer except for the sexual favors.

In conclusion, Yunior and Aurora are not in love since they are in arelationship that provides sex and drugs while it helps him exercisehis masculinity and being abusive just like the boyfriend and his dadwere. In this case, Yunior’s past defines his relationship since hehas often believed that love is all about sex. Apart from that, heturns out to be an abusive person just like his father was. He evenadopted the controlling personality from the boyfriend that used tomistreat his girlfriend. More importantly, he even saw how the twotreated women as sexual objects, and that shaped his currentcharacter.

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