Inmodern American society, the people are obsessed with zombies, whichis evident through increased use of these creatures in literature andfilm industry (Nedog). are created by catastrophes such asradiation and viruses. The apocalypse represents the society’sworries about the real world. The obsession with zombies can signifythe fear of a plague that will change the people to flesh-eatingcorpses. Alternatively, the undead can reflect anxiety over a globalfinancial crisis or the possibility of nuclear terrorism that wouldscare people and push them to undertake morally questionable actions(Nedog).

Insuch a scenario, the survival of humanity would rely on the actionsof individuals in a small group. Therefore, the ethical decisionsthat surviving people make under such distressing situation arecontrary to the options they choose in the ordinary state of life. Onthe other hand, the government is always depicted as an active threator unable to help the survivors (Nedog). The aftermath of anapocalypse begins with people panicking while the law enforcementtries to provide security and coordinate the supply of essentialresources (Nedog). Additionally, the scientists work tirelessly tofind a cure if a virus outbreak caused the disaster.

Anyapocalypse will affect the entire human race. According to Soergel,American cities with additional security personnel would be wellequipped to respond to a zombie attack. The regions with morebiological and medical scientists are more likely to find a cure forthe zombies thus, it would increase their chances of surviving theapocalypse (Soergel). The study also shows that the human populationcan severely affect the survival of a city. For example, the highlypopulated regions such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, andPhiladelphia would poorly contain the situation due to the scramblefor the limited resources such as food and water (Soergel).

Inconclusion, zombies represent the worst fears coming to reality.Nonetheless, zombie apocalypse does not necessarily have to be aboutthe undead. Instead, it shows how many Americans expect some form ofdisaster that will alter their lives. These creatures illustrate ahorrifying reality that can eliminate the entire human civilization.However, many people have the courage to fight for their survivaleven if it means engaging in immoral actions.


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